Will Do FAQs

Q. I’ve filled in the App form, made payment but I’ve received nothing in my Inbox, what’s


A. The email with your Will attached goes automatically to the email address that you

completed in the first section of the App, you were also required to confirm the email address to make sure

you typed it in correctly. This means that the email is definitely sent to the right address so you need to

check your Spam folder as the email comes with attachments from an email address that will be unrecognised by

your email client and anti-spam software, it’s very probably that your Will is attached to the email in your

Anti-Spam folder.

Q. How do I make mirror wills using the Will Do App?

A. The App is designed for individuals so basically one person at a time. If you wish to

make mirror wills, all you have to do is complete the App once for yourself and a second time for your spouse

or partner.

Q. What if I am using a Smartphone that’s not an Apple device such as a Samsung?

A. At present the App has only been designed for Apple devices, however, I’ll bet you know

someone who owns an Apple device, you can borrow theirs and don’t worry about privacy, once you’ve used the

App, start to finish, it erases all the data inputted into the App.

Q. Who can make a Will?

A. Anyone as long as their over the age of 18.

Q. What Countries is the App designed for?

A. The Will Do App is designed to make fully legal Wills for people who live in England and


Q. I’ve got children under the age of 18 and would like to leave their inheritance to them

in trust until they reach 18, can the App be used for that?

A. Yes, the App automatically places inheritance for your children in a Trust for them until

they reach the age of 18 if you answer the question on the “About You” page that asks if you have children

under 18. That’s all included in the price.

Q. What if my estate is very complicated and I need Discretionary or Property trusts


A. Sadly the App isn’t designed for that but, if you have ne will at all, it’s better to get

a basic will quickly to cover yourself to a certain degree (using the App as it is) and then seek further

Professional help to get a more complex will written, I’d be happy to help on that more detailed will too as

a Professional Will Writer, please see my pricing page.

Q. I live in Scotland, can I use the Will Do App?

A. No sorry, at present we haven’t developed a Scottish version of the App but we will if

demand increases.

Q. How many Executors can I nominate?

A. Any amount between one and four.

Q. How many Guardians should I appoint?

A. The App allows you to appoint either one or two.

Q. Can I leave everything to one person?

A. Yes

Q. What if I want to leave different amounts to different people?

A. Don’t worry, you can do that using the Will Do App, it allows you to specify how much

should go to each beneficiary in percentage terms and makes sure that your estate distribution adds up to

100%. e.g. you can leave 60% to your mother and then 10% each to your 4 brothers and sisters. Total 100%, all

taken care of.

Q. Can my Beneficiary also be my Executor?

A. Yes, that’s no problem, Executors, Beneficiaries and Guardians can all be named in each

section, there’s no rules that says one cannot act in two or all three rolls.

Q. Is there a website about the Will Do App?

A. Yes please go to

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