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Yet again we’re pleased to quote from clients letters back to us complimenting the swift will writing service that they have experienced using and again, clients more than happy to recommend our service to their own friends and family who need a legal will writing.

“Thank you for the swift service you provided for our Wills…”

Mr & Mrs W (Twickenham)

“We will pass on your card to our friends and relations with good recommendation.”

Mr & Mrs R (Dorchester)

It’s particularly important to get wills in place before you have a baby so that you’ve nominated Guardians in your Wills for your forthcoming child or children, if you know anyone in this position then please let them know about the excellent service that we provide, no matter where they are in England & Wales they can write a fully legal will using our quick and easy online form.

All anyone needs to do is go to our home page, click on the will that they require, either Joint Wills, Mirror Wills or Single Will and fill in the simple online form, go to the end of the form, accept the terms and conditions and make payment using PayPal. The form then comes through to us, we write the wills, email drafts to you to check, then, when the wills have been approved, we post them by first class post so you can get them signed dated and witnessed according to the instructions that we send.

Once you’ve got the wills signed etc. so that they are legal documents, we also offer an excellent safe storage facility for them at a very low cost per annum, you can find the prices on our Pricing page, see the top menu of this site. When your wills come back to us for storage, we check them to make sure they’ve been signed correctly and then put them in storage, you get a letter for your own records and a letter for each of your executors telling them where your wills are and how to get hold of them in the event of your deaths.

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